• Crypto markets remain in a passive trend, with the majority of cryptos trading in narrow bands and low volatility.
• Bitcoin dominance is increasing, while USDT dominance could reach levels above 20% by the end of Q1 2023.
• In the worst-case scenario, prices of popular cryptos may drop by 25-50% by March’s end.

Crypto Market Analysis: Price Trends

Crypto markets continue to forecast a passive behaviour as the prices of the majority of the cryptos maintain a sideway trend. The Bitcoin price continues to trade below $22,500 for the fourth consecutive day after experiencing a drastic price slash in early March. Star Crypto is trying to hold prices above support zones but bearish action appears ineffective at this point. This has caused BTC and other cryptos to have narrow band pricing with decreased volatility.

Bitcoin and USDT Dominance

The dominance of Bitcoin and stablecoin USDT is rising which hints at multiple possibilities for future trends. Bitcoin dominance needs to surge beyond 44% to trigger an upswing towards 46%. If not, it could drop back down towards 42%. On the other hand, USDT dominance could go as high as 15-20% by end of Q1 2023 if bullish breakouts occur.

Potential Stablecoin Surge

If crypto prices remain low and stablecoin domination persists, there may be massive flow from Bitcoin and altcoins towards stablecoins in coming days. This could cause BTC prices to drop another 25-50% by March’s end.

Market Sentiments

Currently market sentiments are bearish but future predictions remain optimistic because of potential bullish breakouts that could bring increased stability to crypto markets again.


Crypto markets are currently consolidated with narrowly traded coins in low volatility ranges yet still displaying possible bullish trends such as increasing BTC and USDT domination that may be able to help revive crypto space back into growth again soon.

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